Richard Spencer

Director of Training

Richard Spencer started working in the construction industry in 2010 before going off to college at Fullsail University. After pursuing a degree in audio and visual engineering he worked in the recording and producing space for a video studio. In 2015 he became a senior project manager for Mid Atlantic Construction until he moved to Orlando, FL in 2016 to become one of the leaders in the new American Hero Construction Orlando branch. In 2017 he went on to start Nationwide Roofing with Jon Dorosh, Dylan Marquis, Rafael Arreaza, and Daniel Box from Jon's garage. Over the years he managed many projects from Florida up to Pennsylvania and Illinois in the midwest doing both commercial and residential projects. Rich worked for his clients in Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Michael, and Hurricane Sally from simple reroof projects to large rebuilds. Over the years he has assisted in the servicing of over 5,000 projects over multiple states.